Thursday, July 4, 2013

American Infinity Scarves

A favorite creation in the Impressed studio is the infinity scarf. There are seriously so many ways to wear these beauties. A great thing about the summer line is that they are made from light weight jersey knit. They wont actually make you hot **They just keep you looking cool ;-)

The vibrant colors hand dyed on these scarves is Impressed's own take on the traditional red, white and blue. Much more Boho to include a little turqouise and magenta. After creating the color scheme, the fun really got started with new forms of scarves. Long tassels, short tassels, ropey loops, and even a tube top or two. 
Hope everyone has a really fun (and safe, had to say it) 4th! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Catalog

This season was inspired by a very iconic symbol of America: the flag. These tees and the tie dyes (to be seen in another post) are Impressed's take on the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme. Each piece pays tribute to the things that make being an American so great. 
Individuality. Freedom. Boldness. Choice. 

 All pieces will be available 6/28/2013 at the brick and mortar store,  With Lavender and Lace.

**All denim skirts can all be found at With Lavender and Lace.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Problem Solved

Everyone has this problem in their apartment somewhere. The problem known as an "eye sore." For me, the space above my fridge was a giving me such grief. It is a great space to store away stuff, but I don't want to have to look at it everyday. 

What to do about this space?

Inspiration for solving design problems can come to me from the most random places. I have a lovely set of mismatched vintage napkins that I almost never use during meals. I always thought they would make a cool banner, but never got around to that craft. What I decided to do instead, is to embellish a curtain that could hide all that stuff above the fridge.


For this project I really only needed four supplies!
2. An Iron
3. One curtain panel
4. Vintage napkins (You can use many other kinds of vintage linens)

I began by measuring the long panel to see where it would appropriately drape over the fridge and also be able to have a hemmed edge. I then used the fusible web to create a hem after I cut the curtain.

 After the curtain was sized and hemmed, I arranged the napkins on the curtain exactly how I wanted them to look when I attached them. Then, once again, I used fusible web and the iron instead of busting out my sewing machine. For a project like this, it was much faster to use this method rather than sewing. I am so happy with the results and very happy to discover the magic of fusible web.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring 2013 Catalog

What can I say? It is already Spring! In order to welcome this glorious time of year I created a new line for Impressed Apparel. Very much inspired by my time spent in the lovely city of Norfolk, Virginia of course. Being a coastal dweller my whole life (East and West coast), I have a lot of visual influences to pull from. Anchors and octopi, sea stars and sail boats are just a few to mention. What really makes these pieces compliment bohemian style is the playful mix of Anchors with trompe l'oeil statement necklace tees, maxi skirts, dip dyes, and hand made tassels (I am obsessing over colorful tassels this year!) 

A very special thanks to all of the wonderful, amazing, talented, and beautiful ladies that modeled for this shoot! These photos would not be nearly as great without you all. With that being said, Kelsie McNair, owner of With Lavender and Lace deserves special mention for her photography genius :-)  ***All of these clothes and more can be purchased at her Boutique.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Catalogue

For about two months I secretly worked on a new clothing line. What this line consists of is UP-cycled, carefully selected, quality vests, dresses, blouses, and jackets. After selection, each piece was hand dyed, hand stamped, or both in my home studio. This fall style is very much inspired by bohemian beauties, global patterns, and of course Norfolk, Va. I had the fortunate experience of debuting Impressed Apparel at the wonderful new With Lavender and Lace boutique. The owner, and my amazing friend, Kelsie McNair graciously let me borrow some of her vintage pieces to mix with the collection for this photo shoot. 
 For this post I had the pleasure of shooting a lovely friend of mine Elisa Nyassom. (She is a photographer, check out her stuff.) Also, super cute Shannon McMillen joined the shoot! Thank you very much girls! <3